Leila Harmon Portfolio Content

Graphics: Jacqueline Noguera and Leila Harmon

Moderator, event venue planning, securing guest speakers/film rights/content: Leila Harmon

Poster design: Logan Evasco

Event Planning/Logistics/Talent Acquisition/Business Partnership with PianoFight: Leila Harmon

Newsgathering, police/fire official and witness interviews, live location logistics, graphics, video/audio acquisition, social media posts, online content: Leila Harmon

 News ticker, camera shot direction, and audio clip creation inside the KRON 4 News studio.   KRON 4 news crawl, camera shot direction, video/audio creation,  content, graphics: Leila Harmon

Breaking news graphic/links to online content/social media sharing: Leila Harmon

News anchor scripts, live shot location, production team direction, graphics, video/audio editing, content rights: Leila Harmon

Headline scripts, coming up teases, in-studio production coordination, reporter live location and content, video/audio selection and editing, graphics, social media and online links: Leila Harmon

Live location, interview set-up, video, graphics, segment timing: Leila Harmon

I Think I’d Be Good At That venue selection, talent acquisition, video/audio creation and editing, training session: Leila Harmon

Voiceover, scripts, editing, hosting: Drew Harmon

 OFA SF members served as Peace Ambassadors at this march involving more than 50,000 attendees in January 2018. 

Bay Area Women’s March January 2018; Responsible for training and member participation with the Women’s Action Network


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